Blood Bowl Community Facebook Group

Anniversary Swag Donations!


Back in December, the Blood Bowl Community Admins were discussing how 2021 would mark the Community’s 10th year. David “Pug” Mason started a small Facebook group that has grown to more than 26k members who all share one important thing – a love of Blood Bowl.To commemorate this special year, Mike Davies came up with the idea to do a set of 10yr Dice. That little idea, just like this community, grew to become something much bigger.

We came up with the idea, with some fantastic help from some very creative people, to offer not one, not two but three very cool dice sets and a commemorative patch to mark the occasion.More importantly and as a group, we unanimously decided to donate all of the sales from these dice sets to TWO non-profit organizations on behalf of the entire Blood Bowl Community.

We chose UNICEF, a world-wide organization that supports children who have been affected by ongoing crises such as war and poverty AND we also chose MIND, a mental health charity that does tremendous work to ensure that no one has to face mental health issues alone. After expenses to produce and ship the commemorative sets world-wide, each organization was gifted £1,200 as a one-time donation. The donation to UNICEF was given to the United Kingdom Committee and the donation to MIND was given to the Newport/Casnewydd location in memory of our good friend Carl Morgan who passed away in 2020 and will never be forgotten. On behalf of the Blood Bowl Community Admin Staff, we would like to say THANK YOU to the ENTIRE Blood Bowl Community.

This was a huge endeavour and your support and love of the game made it happen. For those who missed out on taking part, there will be a second wave coming in Summer 2021 and we will be selecting new non-profits to make donations to.

A Very Special Thank you to the following people who helped make this happen by donating their time and creativity; David “Pug” Mason who brought us all together, Jack Petrucha of Maelstrom Gaming Mats, Duncan Holman of Charlie Victor Products, Liam Johnson of the Two Drunk Flings & Friends Podcast, Johnny Wilkinson of the Big V Blood Bowl Tournaments in Melbourne, Australia and Grant Hortz of the NAF Canada and one of the hosts behind Amorical Cup 2521. All of your efforts have been invaluable and extremely generous … THANK YOU!!!